List of Vehicles
Epoch Flying
Equipment Type Vehicle
Description Wings of Time, Epoch.

This article is a list of vehicles that appear throughout the Chrono Series.

Chrono Trigger VehiclesEdit


Main article: Dactyl
Dactyl Sprites

Dactyls is a form of transportation used in the Prehistory Era (65,000,000 B.C.). They are winged reptiles that can be ridden around in.


Main article: Epoch
Epoch - Down
Epoch - Left

The Epoch is a time-traveling vehicle used in Chrono Trigger. It helps the characters travel through different Eras with greater ease and speed.

Ferry OfficeEdit

Main article: Ferry Office

The Ferry Office exists in the Present (1000 A.D.) in Chrono Trigger and runs a ferry service between Truce, Porre, and Medina. At the price of a few gold coins, the party is automatically transferred between the locations. The player does not control this vehicle.


Main article: Jetbike
Jet Bike

The Jetbike is a vehicle in the Future (2300 A.D.) which was used to race against Johnny through Site 32. Races with Johnny are scored and kept track on the Race Recorder. A Speed Capsule can be won with a score of 1500x.

Chrono Cross VehiclesEdit


Main article: Boat
Korcha Ferry

The boat is the first form of transportation to different island locations in Chrono Cross.


Main article: Wingapede

The Wingapede is necessary to travel to Gaea's Navel and can be summoned from the Hydra Marshes using the Ancient Fruit and the Beeba Flute. The player does not control the Wingapede.

Radical Dreamers VehiclesEdit


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