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This article is a list of name changes between the SNES/PS version of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Trigger DS.

NOTE: This site uses the DS naming conventions for all names in Chrono Trigger.

Techs Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Wind Slash Slash
Cleave Spin Cut
Lightning II Lightning2
Raise Life
Frenzy Confuse
Allure Provoke
Ice II Ice 2
Cure II Cure 2
Arise Life 2
Hypnowave Hypno Wave
Fire II Fire 2
Megaton Bomb Mega Bomb
Rapid-fire Fist Uzzi Punch
Proximity Bomb Area Bomb
Electrocute Shock
Slurp Slash Slurp Cut
Aerial Strike Leap Slash
Water II Water 2
Roundillo Kick Rollo Kick
Boulder Toss Rock Throw
Barrier Magic Wall
Ice Sword II Ice Sword 2
Fire Sword II Fire Sword 2
Supersonic Spin Rocket Roll
Cyclone Sweep Max Cyclone
Megavolt Super Volt
X-Strike X Strike
Lightning Rod Spire
Thunder Chomp Volt Bite
Falcon Strike Falcon Hit
Antipode Bomb Antipode
Antipode Bomb II Antipode 2
Antipode Bomb III Antipode 3
Cure Wind Cure Touch
Glacial Freeze Glacier
Iceberg Toss Cube Toss
Double Bomb DoublevBomb
Inferno Fire Whirl
Frog Launcher Blade Toss
Bubble Breath Bubble Snap
Dropdown Drop Kick
Red Needle Red Pin
Lifeline Life Line
Frost Arc Arc Impulse
Ring of Fire Fire Zone
Triple Attack Triple Raid
3-D Attack 3D Attack
Eternal Darkness Dark Eternal
Master Mune Grand Dream

Enemies Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Amanita Hetake
Scarab Beetle
Gilded Bellbird Avian Chaos
Royal Guard Guard
Sentry Blue Shield / Yodu De
Gaoler Omnicrone
Lancer Decedent
Cave Stalker Octoblush
Djinn Bottle Jinn Bottle
Rhino Weevil Tempurite
Boundillo Rolypoly
Roundillo Roly
Fiendillo Poly
Imp Hawk Imp Ace
Roundillo Rider Roly Rider
Naga Naga-ette
Viper Gnasher
Diablo Diablos
Underling (Blue) Hench
Skeleton Deceased
Ogan Goblin
Ogan (Hammer) Ogan
Bellbird Bellbird
Freelancer Free Lancer
Edible Frog T'pole
Fangtooth Gnawer
Grimling Gremlin
Vampire Bat Vamp
Underling (Purple) Hench
Servant (Sword) Groupie
Servant (Crossbow) Groupie
Blue Gargoyle Grimalkin
Save Point (No Name)
Roundillo Bomber Roly Bomber
Ghost Knight Sentry
Flesh Reaper Reaper
Fallen Defunct
Soul Base
Fallen + Soul Departed
Sandrago Mohavor
Vilepillar Hexapod
Aecytosaur Gigasaur
Aecytonyx Leaper
Ruin Stalker Octopod
Floral Horror Meat Eater
Exterminator Bugger
Version 2.0 Proto 2
Dondrago Nereid
Egg Ooze Egder
Deverminator Debugger
Version 3.0 Proto 3
Alkali Alkaline
Blood Yolk Krakker
Deverminator EX Debuggest
Version 4.0 Proto 4
Reptite (Green) Reptite
Crested Sprinter Runner
Prehistoric Frog Croaker / Amphibite / Rain Frog
Ion Cloud Ion / Anion
Golden Eaglet Gold Eaglet
Bao Bao Winged Ape
Aecyto Weevil Evilweevil
Mossback Shitake
Rafflesia Fly Trap
Schist Shist / Pahoehoe
Terasaur Terrasaur
Volcanite Volcano
Reptite (Purple) Reptite
Mudbeast Beast
Bomber Bird Bantam Imp
Death Lily Man Eater
Djinn Jinn
Ghul Barghest
Zealot Mage Mage
Red Scouter Red Scout
Blue Scouter Blue Scout
Monk Thrasher
Warrior Lasher
Daltonite Basher
Shieldsman Incognito / PeepingDoom
Fangbeast Goon
Watcher Boss Orb
Nomad Side Kick
Metal Mutant Metal Mute
Hydraconda Ruminator
Blubber Hulk Tubster
Narble Blob
Ghaj Alien
Spekkio: Frog Frog: Spekkio
Spekkio: Kilwala Kilwala: Spekkio
Spekkio: Ogan Goblin: Spekkio
Spekkio: Gaoler Omnicrone: Spekkio
Spekkio: Masa & Mune Masa & Mune: Spekkio
Spekkio: Nu Nu: Spekkio
Dragon Tank (Head) Tank Head
Dragon Tank (Wheel) Grinder
Dragon Tank (Body) Dragon Tank
Pod Bit
R-Series R Series
Zombor (Upper Body) Zombor
Zombor (Lower Body) Zombor
Slash (Unarmed) Slash
Slash (Sword) Slash
Black Tyranno BlackTyrano
Blue Mudbeast Blue Beast
Red Mudbeast Red Beast
Golem Sisters Golem Twins
Golem Overlord Golem Boss
King Dalton Dalton Plus
Lavos Spawn (Mouth) Lavos Spawn
Lavos Spawn (Shell) Lavos Spawn
Melphyx (Upper Body) Retinite
Melphyx (Lower Body) Retinite
Melphyx (Core) Retinite
Diva Flea Flea Plus
Ozzie the Great Great Ozzie
Son of the Sun Son of Sun
Prominence Prominency
Rust Tyranno Rust Tyrano
Elder Lavos Spawn (Mouth)
Elder Lavos Spawn (Shell)
Lavos Spawn
Queen Zeal Zeal
Mammon Machine Mammon M
Lavos Pod Left Bit
Center Pod Center Bit

Items Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Potion Tonic
Mid-Potion Mid Tonic
Hi-Potion Full Tonic
Mid-Ether Mid Ether
Hi-Ether Full Ether
Turbo Ether HyperEther
Megalixir MegaElixir
Panacea Heal
Athenian Water Revive
Ambrosia Power Meal
Barrier Sphere Barrier
Shield Sphere Shield
Strength Capsule Power Tab
Magic Capsule Magic Tab
Speed Capsule Speed Tab

Weapons Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Wooden Sword Wood Sword
Bronze Blade Iron Blade
Silver Sword Lode Sword
Thunder Blade Bolt Sword
Crimson Blade Red Katana
Mammoth Tusk Flint Edge
Primeval Blade Aeon Blade
Zanmato Demon Edge
Vajra Sword AlloyBlade
Empyrean Blade Star Sword
Yaksha Blade VedicBlade
Onimaru Kali Blade
Slasher II Slasher 2
Suzaku Shiva Edge
Bronze Bowgun Bronze Bow
Iron Bowgun Iron Bow
Silver Bow Lode Bow
Bandit's Bow Robin Bow
Shaman's Bow Sage Bow
Dreamstone Bow Dream Bow
Comet Bow CometArrow
Sonic Bow SonicArrow
Siren's Kiss Siren
Valkyrie Bow Valkyrie
Airgun Air Gun
Pea Shooter Dart Gun
Pocket Blaster Auto Gun
Dreamstone Gun Dream Gun
Megablaster Megablast
Shockwave Shock Wave
Wondershot WonderShot
Mirage Hand MirageHand
Death Claw DoomFinger
Heavy Hand Big Hand
Gigaton Arm Giga Arm
Teraton Arm Terra Arm
Bronze Sword BronzeEdge
Radiant Blade FlashBlade
Smiter's Blade Pearl Edge
Demonslayer Demon Hit
Moonfall Scythe DarkScythe
Headman's Scythe Hurricane
Hadean Sickle StarScythe
Doom Scythe DoomSickle
Broken Blade Bent Sword
Broken Hilt Bent Hilt

Headgear Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Porrean Beret Beret
Golden Helm Gold Helm
Stone Helm Rock Helm
Triceratopper CeraTopper
Taban's Helm Taban Helm
Radiant Helm Glow Helm
Platinum Helm Lode Helm
Clarity Cap Sight Cap
Aeonian Helm Aeon Helm
Rainbow Helm R'bow Helm
Mermaid Helm MermaidCap
Vigilant's Hat Vigil Hat
Guardian Helm Safe Helm
Prismatic Helm Prism Helm

Armor Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Padded Vest Karate Gi
Bronze Armor BronzeMail
Maiden's Suit MaidenSuit
Titanium Vest Titan Vest
Taban's Vest Taban Vest
Golden Suit Gold Suit
Mesozoic Mail Meso Mail
Luminous Robe Lumin Robe
Radiant Plate Flash Mail
White Plate White Mail
Black Plate Black Mail
Blue Plate Blue Mail
Red Plate Red Mail
Platinum Vest Lode Vest
Aeonian Suit Aeon Suit
Taban's Suit Taban Suit
Moonbeam Armor Moon Armor
Prismatic Dress PrismDress

Accessories Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Headband Bandana
Guardian Bangle Defender
Schala's Amulet Amulet
Speed Ring Dash Ring
Acuity Ring Hit Ring
Barrier Ring Wall Ring
Silver Earring SilverErng
Golden Earring Gold Erng
Golden Stud Gold Stud
Alluring Top Charm Top
Wrath Band FrenzyBand
Workman's Wallet Wallet
Berserker Ring Berserker
Black Gemstone Black Rock
Blue Gemstone Blue Rock
Silver Gemstone SilverRock
White Gemstone White Rock
Golden Gemstone Gold Rock
Hero's Badge Hero Medal
Flea Bustier Flea Vest
Magic Crest Magic Seal
Power Crest Power Seal
Sunglasses Sun Shades
Prism Spectacles PrismSpecs

Key Items Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Jetbike Key Bike Key
Rainbow Shard PrismShard
Chrono Trigger C. Trigger
Carpenter's Tools Tools
Spiced Jerky Jerky
Race Recorder Race Log
Yakra's Key Yakra Key
Doppel Doll Clone
Toma's Spirits Toma's Pop

Locations Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Fiendlord's Keep Magus' Lair
Sun Shrine Sun Keep

Stats Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Accuracy Hit
Strength Power(Pwr.)

Chapters Edit

DS Name SNES/PS Name
Dream's End The Final Battle

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