Lava-Boy is an enemy appearing in Chrono Cross. First appearing in Another World's Mount Pyre when Serge, at the bequest of Kid, chases after Lynx and the Acacia Dragoons. Lava-Boy are tall demonic-looking creatures with incredibly large muscles. On their back are wings that shimmer like flames (despite their weight making them physically incapable of flight), and atop there head is a crest of a similar motif. Their lower bodies consist of what appears to be glowing coals of half-cooled lava, serving as pants or some other form of lower garment.

Battle and StrategyEdit

When battling Lava-Boy, they occasionally use LavaBreath, a deadly tech which causes severe damage even to Red Innates, such as Kid and Greco, who typically resist this type of damage. Other than this, Lava-Boy generally stick to physical blows, which do less damage. Additionally, they seem to receive extra damage from Blue Elements such as AquaBall and IceLance, but this is unconfirmed. Since Lava-Boy are battled in the lava pits of Mount Pyre, it is advised that the player collect Ice Breath from the Water Dragon at Water Dragon Isle and freeze the pits for safe walking. Otherwise, the party's Hit Points are automatically reduced to 1, causing inevitable battles with Lava-Boy that would end in their favor.

Name OriginEdit

Lava is the state taken on by molten rock when it touches Earth's surface and is exposed to air. As Lava-Boy are battled in lava pits and appears to be mostly constructed of more-or-less hardened lava, this name fits. It should also be noted that Boy alludes to the fact that these enemies are predominantly (if not exclusively) male.

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