Home Time Present
Home Area Truce
Age Unknown
Family Lucca (daughter)
Taban (husband)
Kid (adopted daughter)
Gender Female
"What is this thing? Taban says to keep away from it, but it's so dusty. I'll just..."
— Lara

Lara Ashtear is Lucca's mother in Chrono Trigger. She is married to Taban and lives in Lucca's House, south of Truce, as a quiet invalid.


In 981 A.D., Lara gave birth to Lucca.

In 990 A.D., Lara suffered an accident involving one of Taban's creations, her young daughter watching helplessly. This left her unable to walk and generally confined to their home. This incident convinces Lucca to acquire more technical and scientific knowledge, hoping to prevent more accidents.

As such, Lara has changed over the past ten years into a quiet and withdrawn person, loving yet distant to her family.

Ten Years Before 1000 A.D., her daughter came through a Gate from to the moment in time when she suffered a horrible accident and lost the use of her legs from one of her husband's machines. Lucca input the shut-down code - L, A, R, A (her name) - to turn the machine off just before the conveyor hurt Lara's legs.

In the altered timeline, Lara is no longer a quiet soul; she seems to enjoy life much more with her limbs restored. On the last day of the Millennial Fair, she wears Taban out by asking him to dance.

Chrono CrossEdit

Lara is never mentioned in Chrono Cross, but it can be assumed from Lucca that her full name is Lara Ashtear, since Ashtear is the surname attributed to her daughter, Lucca. It is possibile both she and Taban were killed in the fire that Lynx set in Lucca's Orphanage.

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