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Land Bridges
Time Period Antiquity
12000 B.C.

Land Bridges (地への道 , Road to the Earth?) are locations in Chrono Trigger. They are magical transportation pads used by the Enlightened Ones to access the various areas of Zeal and the ground below. The ones in Zeal have the appearance of beautiful ruins among grass and flowers, while the ones on the ground resemble pedestals surrounded by an igloo and are called Skyways. Once the Ocean Palace is destroyed all the land bridges disappear; as they were mostly likely destroyed in the wave.


The glyphs on the teleportation pad are reddish-purple, likely Dreamstone. Combined with the obsolete solar power of Zeal (Sun Stone), these structures allow instantaneous travel between two locations. These technologies are likely creations of the Gurus or the magical technicians of Kajar.


As the massive glaciers that covered the planet melted, a Land Bridge emerged. Anthropologists theorize this isthmus allowed early Mongoloid humans to migrate to the Americas. This Zeal technology probably shares its name for these reasons, as the Antiquity period in which they reside is covered in glaciers and Land Bridges are a form of transportation that allows inter-island travels to be possible.

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