Site 32
Lab 32
Site 32
Time Period Future
Notable Inhabitants Johnny

Version 2.0

Chapter(s) Played In Beyond The Ruins
Bosses Fought Johnny (race)
SNES/PS Name Lab 32

Site 32 (also known as Lab 32 in the SNES/PS version) is a location in Chrono Trigger. It appears in the Future. An abandoned laboratory of unknown uses, Site 32 connects Arris Dome and Abandoned Sewers to Proto Dome and Derelict Factory.


Crono and his friends travel through this area after searching for food for the survivors of the Day of Lavos. Doan, elder of the survivors, rewards them with a Jetbike Key, which allows them to pass through the area without being attacked by Version 2.0 robots.

When Crono, Marle, and Lucca arrive at Site 32, they see a jetbike and try using it. At this, some Version 2.0 emerge, halted by half-bike, half-man Johnny who challenges them to a race.

After racing Johnny, the party can decide to travel backwards through Site 32 without the threat of being attacked by Version 2.0 robots. The player would then encounter several Mutants. There is a treasure chest in this area, containing the Race Log, which records the statistics of any future races the player engages with Johnny.

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