Komodo Scale
Komodo Scale
Description The colorful scale of a large lizard used to make necklaces that are all the rage in Arni Village.

Komodo Scale is an item in Chrono Cross. These scales are highly sought after in Arni Village, especially by young women, who craft them into colorful necklaces and other beautiful jewelry. A young man in the village fears his love interest, Kiki, will fall for another boy, Lolo, if he cannot find a Komodo Scale for her. In Another World, villagers of Arni are no longer interested in these scales, fancying Rainbow Shell jewelry instead.

Most travel to Lizard Rock to acquire a sample of these iridescent scales from the resident, Komodo Pups. Three are need to craft a necklace for Leena.

One can be found in Arni Village. Left of Serge's Hut, a man expresses his wishes for the old legends to be true. Agree that the legends were true and he awards a Komodo Scale. However, it cannot be used to complete the necklace for Leena (as she does not want hand-out scales). While it cannot be used to make the necklace, the player can give it to the young boy in the village; he stands between the restaurant and the fisherman's hut. If the player chooses to give the Komodo Scale to him for free, he will reward them with an Uplift, as thanks for the thoughtful gesture. As for the other three, they can be obtained at Lizard Rock by defeating three Komodo Pups.

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