Ion Cloud
Ion Cloud
Japanese Name Rainy (レイニー Reinī?)
SNES / PS Name Anion
HP Defense Magic Defense
152 127 50
72 0 0
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None None
Location Hunting Range (Prehistory)
Treasure 2 Feathers
Charm 2 Feathers
Techs Stretch
Counters None
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Ion Cloud (also known as Anion in the SNES/PS version) is an enemy in Chrono Trigger. They appear in the Hunting Range in Prehistory. Mostly amorphous blobs of black goop, these creatures exhibit some humanoid features such as mouths, eyes, and arms. Occasionally, they curl up into puddles, which increases their Defense. Attacking them should cause them to unfurl into the true form. Acid share similar palette forms with Alkali, Shadows, and Acid, and often accompany large groups of them in battle. The main difference is the color. Acid are orange, Shadow are purple, Ion Clouds are black, and Alkali are green.

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