Fargo finishing off the Invincible move.
Type Tech
Color Blue
Allocation Level 7±7
Target Single Enemy
User Fargo
Description The forbidden deathblow unleashed from within.

Invincible (天下無敵斬 , Tenka muteki ki, lit. An Unrivaled Attack Beneath Heaven?) is Fargo's Level 7 Tech used in Chrono Cross. Apparently a skill which he has forbidden himself to use when his wife Zelbess died. To obtain it, the Magical Dreamers side-quest must be completed.

Description Edit

In this tech, Fargo is shown to use his sword to slash the selected target a total of four times, each time causing a calligraphy painting of the four Kanji characters, "天", "下", "無", "敵", to form. A large sparkle will then be observed to be centered on the foe, causing it to spin about its axis before toppling to the ground.

External Links Edit

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