MP Costs 8/10
Element Type Fire
Lucca Reqs Fire II
Ayla Reqs Tail Spin
Target All enemies.
Description Fiery tornadoes put the whole battlefield in pure blaze.

Inferno (Tech) (also known as Fire Whirl in the SNES/PS version) is a Double Tech used by Lucca and Ayla in Chrono Trigger. It's an extremely powerful Fire Tech, it deals twice as much damage as Luminaire or Flare on most enemies, along with hitting all enemies.


Upon casting, Ayla starts spinning and two tornadoes are created on the battlefield. Lucca then casts fire over Ayla, and then the battefield turns red and all enemies are hit.


Inferno means Hell in Portuguese and Italian. Since Hell is supposedly very hot and unpleasant, the name is fitting - this tech turns the whole battlefield red, hot and fiery.

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