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Equipment Type Katana
Description A katana engraved with a brilliant blue dragon
Attack 160
Sell 20,000 G
Won From Lost Sanctum (Prehistory)

Icewyrm (青竜 Seiryū?, Azure Dragon) is Crono's seventeenth-level katana in Chrono Trigger (DS). It has an attack power of 160 and a base critical hit rate of 40%. It is obtained by giving the Rusted Blade to a villager in the Lost Sanctum.

The weapon's sprite in-battle is colored with a unique pale-blue (a pale version of the Swallow), with its slashing trail being a rippling effect of impact-flashes colored light-gray, much like the Empyrean Blade's effects.

Etymology Edit

The Japanese name of this weapon is named after the Asian deity of the Four Saint Beasts, Qinglong/Seiryū (lit. Blue/Green/Azure Dragon). However, the naming of the weapon is written with the Japanese kanji for "dragon" (竜) instead of the outdated one in Chinese (龍).

While this mainly applies to the weapon's Japanese name, it shares this theme naming with the Suzaku (AKA Zhuque in Chinese).

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