Hydra Humour
Description Refined from the body fluids of a hydra, this liquid is the only known antidote for hydra poison.

Hydra Humour is an item in Chrono Cross. Extracted from a dead Hydra, the Hydra Humour is sought after for its multiple medicinal purposes, as well as the handsome profit it fetches. Because of this, the Hydras have been hunted to extinction in both the Home World and Another World.


  • Found at: Hydra Marshes (Home World)
  • Use: To Cure Hydra Poison.
  • Acquired: This key item can only be acquired if the player chooses to help Kid. After going into the Hydra Marshes, the party will eventually have to face and kill a Hydra. After the fight is over, examine the corpse to receive the Hydra Humour.

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