Korcha hook&sinker
Korcha uses Hook&Sinker.
Type Physical
Color Blue
Allocation Level 5±5
Target Single Opponent
User Korcha
Description Snag a foe on fishing line and reel him in.

Hook&Sinker is a Blue Tech used in Chrono Cross. After acquiring 15 boss stars, Korcha learns to employ his skills as a fisherman to damage an opponent.


Casting his Lure at a single target, the hook embeds in the body on impact. The neck of the fishing pole bends and a blue flare of light bubbles up where the hook sinks into the target's skin. Then, he pulls the lure back, ripping it out of target by sheer force.

Name OriginEdit

Hook&Sinker appears to be a pun of, "Hook, line, and sinker...," an axiom for the totality of a completed project.

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