SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

Homecoming is the fourth chapter in Chrono Trigger.

Walkthrough Edit

Crono, Lucca, and Marle are finally home from 600 AD. Lucca says sorry to Marle for the day, but Marle doesn't need it, she says it was fun, and she made new friends. Lucca has work to do, why don't you let Crono take Marle back to Guardia Castle now. Note: All the sellers at the stalls (except for Melchior) have left, so if you want to buy something, go to the Truce Market. Maybe, you can get a weapon from Melchior if you like. And if you go to Lucca's House, you can see Lucca is there, although she will remind you to take Princess Nadia back to the castle.

While you are walking through Guardia Forest, beware the Amanitas, Scarabs, and Gilded Bellbirds. When Crono and Marle get to the castle, the Chancellor appears and tells Marle that Soldiers were looking all over the kingdom for her.

Then the Chancellor looked at Crono, and calls the Guards to arrest Crono for kidnapping the Princess. Marle tells the Guards to stop, but The Chancellor refuses to listen to her, and tells the Guards to arrest him anyway. The Chancellor takes Crono to the Court Room. Pierre the lawyer is defending Crono, to make sure he is not Not Guilty. Note: While you were playing The Millennial Fair chapter, some stuff you did around the chapter can effect your chances at the Trial. Like, you stole lunch, or trying to sell Marle's Pendant, or giving a little girl her lost Cat. Be sure you give the little girl her cat back.

If Crono is Not Guilty, the Judge says he needs to stay in the Prison Towers for three days, because he kidnapped the Princess. Then Marle enters the room and says "Stop!" After King Guardia XXXIII enters the room and tells Marle to stop defending Crono, the Guards take Crono to the Prison Towers. Then Warden, the Prison Towers Chief Guard, looks at Crono thinking he is the one who kidnapped Marle. Then the Chancellor says, his execution is in three days, althrough Wardon don't believes the Chancellor, but rules are rules. Then the Royal Guards appear and take Crono to his cell. Is this the end?

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