Hi-HoWarCry Element
Daffy Dwarf uses Hi-HoWarCry on the party.
Type Magic
Color Yellow
Target All Opponents
User Daffy Dwarf

Hi-HoWarCry is a Yellow enemy Tech used in Chrono Cross. In Hydra Marshes (Home World), before confronting the Hydra, Serge's way is blocked by several Dwarves. During battle, if the two Daffy Dwarves are alive, they, alongside the Dwarf and three Daggy Dwarves, will appear to shout and a shockwave of yellow energy flattens the party.

Name OriginEdit

In the Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Dwarven miners sing a song called "Hi-Ho" as a symbol of their camaraderie and eagerness to mine. And not only are the creatures performing this technique dwarves, they also wield shovels as weapons.

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