Heckran Cave
Heckran Cave
Heckran Cave
Time Period Present
Chapter(s) Played In Fiendish Folk
Bosses Fought Heckran

Heckran Cave is a location in Chrono Trigger. North of Melchior's Cabin in the Present sits Heckran Cave, home of the magically-vulnerable Heckran.


After accidentally winding up at the End of Time, Crono and his friends appear take a Gate to Medina, as they can no longer return to their normal era through the gate in Guardia Forest.

Melchior, who lives in a near by cabin, informs the party that the only route North, to Truce and home, is through Heckran Cave. Having recently acquired magical abilities, the party easily plows through the critters in the cave and eventually come across a whirlpool. They jump inside and are transported, amazingly unscathed, to the island where Lucca's House is located.


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