Monster Grand Slam

One of the many monsters battled in the Grand Slam.

Grand Slam is a location in Chrono Cross. Found aboard the S.S. Zelbess, this stadium hosts tournaments in which the Demi-human, Janice, lines up battle contestants for Serge's friend, Sprigg to battle with her Doppelgang forms. Each round is fought as a three-on-three battle, where Janice pits three monsters up against three of Sprigg's forms. Each contestant competes for a "belt", similar to professional wrestling. Each round contains one winnable belt. After you win the three rounds, Janice will join your party. After Janice joins, the Grand Slam is no longer accessible, as its main proprietor has left to scour the land in search of better monsters to battle here.


List of monsters Janice pits against the party separated by round.

Round One: Stamina BeltEdit

Round Two: Resistance BeltEdit

Round Three: DreamersScarfEdit


  • Grand Slam is a term in baseball that describes a rare type of home-run.

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