GooeyGoo Tech
Giant Gloop uses GooeyGoo on the party.
Type Debuff
Color Blue
Target All Opponents
User Giant Gloop

GooeyGoo is a Blue Enemy Tech used by Giant Gloop in Chrono Cross. Blocking the Blue Crystal in Fort Dragonia, Giant Gloop forces Serge into battle with it. Alongside its other Elements, which are Iceberg and TakeIn, Giant Gloop uses GooeyGoo to Debuff the entire party's Evasion stat, paving the way for it to cast, stronger, less accurate moves. This Tech has a low hit rate, so while it effects the entire party, it rarely succeeds at decreasing their evasion.


The space around Giant Gloop fades to orange. Lifting its gelatinous arms above its head, it undulates, spitting out several blobs of goo that hit the entire party.

Name OriginEdit

The name is a redundancy since goo is always gooey.

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