Ghost Ship is a location in Chrono Cross.


After Kid is poisoned by Lynx, you're going to be confronted with the option of searching for the Hydra Humour in order to save her or not. If you accept it, you have to complete it in order to go to the Ghost Ship; on the other hand, if you choose not to save her, Serge has the option to approach the cloaked ship west of the Sea of Eden right away. Fargo, captain of the S.S. Invincible, the cloaked ship, tests the strength of the party by forcing them to battle Man-O-War, a giant parrot named Polly, and Fargo himself. Winning the consecutive battles, Serge and his team are imprisoned below the decks. A ship approaches the S.S. Invincible. Legions of undead soldiers board the vessel and engage its sailors in combat. Serge and his friends escape their prison, battle the undead creatures, destroy the DeadHead that commands the legion, and restore order to the ship. Even if you've chosen to not to save Kid, you can now come back to Guldove and find her healed.


  • Enemies:
  1. Man-O-War
  2. Man-At-Arms
  3. Crossbones
  4. Dead Beat
  5. Wraith
  6. Tzetze Fly
  • Bosses:
  1. Polly
  2. Fargo (Boss)
  3. DeadHead

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