Freefall element
Type Magic
Color Black
Allocation Level 5±3
Target One Enemy
User Any
Trappable Yes
Description Drops enemy from the sky at supersonic speed

FreeFall is a 5th-level Black Element in Chrono Cross. When cast, a single enemy is thrown into the air and freefalls at supersonic speed to the ground. This element is usable by characters of any innate color, but differs from other 5th-level elements in that it only targets one enemy.

How to ObtainEdit

Found in the Dead Sea.

Stolen from Shadow Cat in Another Fossil Valley, Wraith in Home Shadow Forest, and Bunyip.

Trapped from Bunyip, Black Dragon, Gravitor, Time Devourer, AirFrame (Isle of the Damned, Home World), Dario, and Fate.