Chrono Trigger Flametoss
Learned By Lucca
SNES/PS Name Flame Toss
MP Cost 1
Element Type Fire
TP Req'd 10
Target Line of Enemies
Description Burn enemies along a direct line.
Double Techs Fire Whirl

Flamethrower (also known as Flame Toss in the SNES/PS version) is Lucca's 1st-level Tech and the first Elemental Tech learned in Chrono Trigger. Acid use this Tech as well. Lucca learns this very early in the game, and a common strategy is to make her learn it before going to Manolia Cathedral for the first time in the Middle Ages, since Naga are weak to it and you fight a bunch right at the start.

When enemies align themselves or collect into clusters, Flamethrower damages them all.


Lucca raises her hand in the air and then points her gun at the enemy, with a line of fire coming out and hitting the target.


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