FieryBreath Tech
Fire Dragon uses FieryBreath on Kid.
Type Magic
Color Red
Target Single Opponent
User Fire Dragon

FieryBreath is a Red Enemy Tech used by Fire Dragon in Chrono Cross. First traveling to Mount Pyre in search of the Acacia Dragoons and Lynx, Serge and his companions stumble upon a miniature Fire Dragon. Occasionally, in battle, when building up energy by attacking with its spear, Fire Dragon will cast FieryBreath, a potent tech which strikes one enemy, has the chance to cause the Status Effect, Burn, and is even unresisted by some Red Innates like Greco. All in all, a powerful move that should be avoided whenever possible.


Leaning in toward a target, the Fire Dragon adjusts its jaw for a fiery exhale. Yellow flames spew from between its teeth and scorch the target of the assualt.

Name OriginEdit

Since dragons of lore are prone to exhaling fire, it is no surprise this dragon would stay true to the stereotype.

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