The Earthbound Ones are a race in Chrono Trigger. They consist of the portion of humanity, during Antiquity, who, for unknown reasons, are unable to use magic. For this reason, they were cast out of the Kingdom of Zeal by the Enlightened Ones. Earthbound Ones were forced to live on the cloud-enshrouded surface of the planet, which was going through another ice age. In order to survive, most people lived in caves deep underground.

Queen Zeal, infused with passion for her magical research, forced the Earthbound Ones to help build the Ocean Palace, the testing zone for the Mammon Machine.

In Chrono Trigger, before the fall of the Kingdom of Zeal, the cave of Algetty, also known as Terra Cave, is the only Earthbound village that the player is able to visit. After Zeal sinks into the ocean, the Earthbound Ones live alongside the survivors of Zeal in the Last Village.


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