Home Time 1000 A.D.
Friends / Colleagues Dumb

Dumber is a character in Chrono Trigger appearing in the vault of Guardia Castle, during the Present.


Dumber is purple and yellow, just like the pallet swap of a Viper.

See also: Viper (Chrono Trigger) for battle information.


When the party goes to find the Rainbow Shell in Guardia Castle, the party overhears Dumber and his associate, Dumb, talking about Yakra XIII plot to frame King Guardia XXXIII for selling the Rainbow Shell, in attempts to avenge his ancestor, Yakra The First, who was defeated in Manolia Cathedral by agents of Queen Leene. The party then kills the pair quickly. Their battle names appear as Viper.


  • These Vipers are the only encountered sentients of their kind.
  • Dumb and Dumber was a film released in 1994, starring two imbecile characters.

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