Dreamstone Gun
Dream Gun
Japanese Name ドリストンガン
SNES/PSX Name Dream Gun
Equipment Type Gun
Description A dreamstone pistol that fires light beams.
Attack 60
Price 3 Petals & 3 Fangs
Sell 3700G
Vendor Locations Ioka Village Hut
Charmable Fiends Aecyto Weevil

Dreamstone Gun (also known as Dream Gun in the SNES/PS version) is a weapon for Lucca in Chrono Trigger. Trading 3 Fangs and 3 Petals at the Ioka Village Hut wins the player this gun. It can be sold for 3700G and can be charmed from Aecyto Weevil.


Given the word "Dreamstone" appears in the name, this gun is likely crafted from it. Other notable weapons crafted from Dreamstone are the Dreamstone Bow and Masamune.

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