Dream's End
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Time Period ???
Notable Inhabitants Future Magus
Chapter(s) Played In Dream's End
Party Members Gained None
Bosses Fought Dream Devourer

Dream's End is a time period in Chrono Trigger.


After traveling through the Dimensional Vortexes, the party arrives here. They are met by a version of Magus, who says that his timeline was one where Lavos was defeated, although it is not outright stated whether this is the timeline the heros come from. He says that a new creature has been created from Lavos and Schala, and that it is known as the Dream Devourer. It feeds on dreams, memories, and thoughts.


  • Items:

Dreamseeker (Received after defeating Dream Devourer)

  • Enemies:


  • Bosses:

Dream Devourer

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