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Doom Scythe
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Doom Scythe is a weapon in Chrono Trigger. It is Magus's 2nd best weapon (best weapon in the SNES and Playstation version) it is found in Ozzie's Fort in a hidden chamber.

By using the Doom Scythe (also called DoomSickle on SNES and PS1), Magus's damage will be significantly increased depending on the number of allies still standing. If all three allies are up and about in battle, Magus's Doom Scythe will be about 97% as powerful as the DreamReaper (his top best weapon, only available on the DS version).

With the Doom Scythe equipped and one ally KO'd, Magus's normal damage will be doubled (this includes both regular and critical hits). His critical damage will now match the critical damage of the DreamReaper.

With two allies KO'd, or if you are playing as Magus solo via Walk Through Walls glitch, Magus's normal damage will be tripled. His normal attack will now inflict 2/3 the damage of a DreamReaper critical, and his critical damage will inflict about 145% as much as the DreamReaper critical.

In short, the DreamReaper is absolutely the top best weapon no matter what, if you use Magus solo. The attack is higher than the normal attacking damage of any other weapon in the entire game, with the exception of Ayla's BronzeFist critical hits (9999 damage).

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