Macha dirtydishes
Macha drops a colander on the target's head.
Type Physical
Color Red
Allocation Level 7±7
Target Single Opponent
User Macha
Description One angry mama lets anything fly!

DirtyDishes is Macha's seventh-level Red Tech in Chrono Cross. After acquiring 35 boss stars, Macha incorporates many dirty dishes into an all-out assault on a single target.


Raising her fists into the air, Macha calls several dishes from the sky to drop on the head of the target; colanders, plates, lids, and skillets drop atop the target's head, finishing with a giant wash-basin or saucepan. Oddly enough, included in the medley of dropped items is a hammer, which is clearly not a dirty dish.

Name OriginEdit

Inclined to doing chores, it is no wonder that Macha incorporates her skill of washing dishes in this technique. Additionally, the animation for this tech depicts Mach as angry. When children do not assist with household chores, when hard-work is taken for granted, or when dirty dishes just keep piling up, one could safely assume that a mother would be angry.

External LinksEdit

Youtube demonstration

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