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Dimensional Vortex
Dimensional Vortex
Time Period 12000 BC

1000 AD
2300 AD

Bosses Fought Once-King Dalton (1000 AD)

Steel Shade (1000 AD)
Alabaster Shade (12000 BC)

Crimson Shade (2300 AD Eggsterminator (2300 AD)

There are 3 dimensional vortices unlocked AFTER beating the DS version of the game. These vortexes are in the time periods Antiquity(12,000 BC, or Dark Ages in SNES/PS version), Present(1000 AD), and Future(2300 AD). At the end of each one, you will encounter a clone, or shadow of one of your main characters in a familiar place. Each character will feel that they are being called to come further, so they will end up being the leader in your team. Crono, Marle, and Lucca fight their shadows. If you beat them, the leader's stats improve. Crono's Shadow is found in the dimensional vortex in 1000 AD, Marle's Shadow is in 12000 BC, and Lucca's Shadow is in 2300 AD. If you beat all of them, you can fight the Dream Devourer at the bucket in the End of Time.

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