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DeltaForce (Chrono Cross)
Serge, Leena and Razzly performing the DeltaForce tech.
Type Physical
Color White
Target All Enemies
User Serge, Leena and Razzly
Description Combine 3 magic attacks to create a mega-spell

DeltaForce (ミックスデルタ Mikkusu deruta, lit. Mixed Delta) is a triple tech used in Chrono Cross. It requires the powers of Luminaire (Serge), MaidenFaith (Leena) and Raz-Flower (Razzly) to perform.


The tech starts off with Serge, Leena and Razzly jumping across one another, landing on the ground to form a triangular pattern. Three separate magic circles will appear beneath them, which will light up in a color corresponding to each individual character's innate. The three characters will then reach out towards the middle, causing a huge crystal prism to form. The three characters are then observed to vanish, while the prism is seen to radiate a rainbow-colored light while rotating about its fixed position. As the prism finally explodes, damage is dealt to every foe visible on-screen. Remnant sparkles are observed to float in an upward direction before fading away.

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