Darius Rubaire
Darius Rubaire
Designer(s) Chains of Fate, Hunter-Wolf
Occupation Student at Aris Academy
Age 18
Origin Aris Dome (Kingdom Year 1999)
Height 6'0"
Weight 150lbs.
Build Lean and lightly muscular
Weapon None

Darius Rubaire was a character from Chrono Crisis.

Description Edit

"Darius is the spoiled son of Sonya Rubaire. He uses his family's status as a means of bullying other kids at Aris Academy without consequence and doing well in school without lifting a finger. He hates Xavier but adores Matison, much to her disgust. He and Xavier are always getting into fights, usually because Xavier interferes with his daily bullying routines which almost always end with Xavier getting suspended and Darius getting off without so much as getting a detention slip."
"Darius is Xavier's rival and the son of Sonya Rubaire, president of Aris Dome. Darius should be wearing a somewhat preppy outfit (a bit more futuristic than what we wear though) He's pretty muscular and tall, a bit bigger than Xavier. He should be wearing pants and boots (Like Timberlands XD) And he could also have a few accessories to show that he's really rich. Maybe a small gold stud earring, a gold watch, and a really nice belt. A gold chain necklace works too."

Gallery Edit

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