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The good version of Lavos
Home Time 12000 B.C.
Home Area End of Time
Age 13,000 years old
Weapon Type magic
Magic Element All elements
Family Lavos
Gender Referred to as male
Friends / Colleagues Marle

Lucca Ayla Crono Glenn Schala Magus (hates)

Neo lavos (character) is a character in Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes.


He looks like a purple version of the Lavos core attached to the Mammon Machine.


Once formed at the darkness beyond time, his evil half went to the black omen and thus forming his good half.

Evil half:

Good half:

Name OriginEdit

Neo is the Latin root for "new". Neo Lavos essentially means "New Lavos".

Other AppearancesEdit


Lava waves, Blue Bomber, complete heal, fireflame,fire rain,shadow flame(duel tech) ,firefreeze(duel tech), solar flare(duel tech )darklight flame (triple tech)


  • He has two halves, his good half and his evil half (this article describes his good half).
  • He is a reincarnation of Lavos, yet he isn't Lavos.
  • Schala is technichally his mother because his evil half was formed by the Dream Devourer at the darkness beyond time.
  • His good half was created after Crono and friends beat the Mammon Machine.
  • His evil half is a boss.

References Edit

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