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This page contains in-universe or out-of-universe information within the pseudo-canon of Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes.

Neo lavos is a boss in Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes.

Neo Lavos
HP Defense Magic Defense
100(fake) 3,100,000(real) 80(fake) 50 (real) 80(fake) 50 (real)
0(fake) 2000(real) 0(fake) 50(real) 0(fake) 9999(real)
Weak Absorbs Immune
Light Water,Fire Shadow
Techs Burst:costs 50 MP.Description:Neo lavos bursts out great force causing damage;
Sacrifice:costs:40 MP.description:K.O.s an enemy (team member) but hurts itself with the damage caused.
Counters Reflect:copies the attack that damaged Neo Lavos.


He looks like the Dream Devourer without Schala.

References/trivia Edit

  • He battles you twice.
  • The first time he battles you it's just a test.
  • He is a relative of Lavos.
  • He is not Lavos.

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