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This page contains in-universe or out-of-universe information within the pseudo-canon of Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes.

Cedric Guardia
Cedrictushantin by Tushantin

Cedric artwork by Tushantin.
Home Time 1 AD
Home Area Truce
Age Possibly 20
Weapon Type Unknown
Magic Element Unknown
Family Marle-descendant,
Ann Guardia-Wife
Gender Male
Friends / Colleagues Anateus (hates)

Cedric Guardia is the leader of the Guardia's tribe in 1 A.D., rival of Anateus Porre, and ancestor of Marle.

Appearence & StoryEdit

In the Reptite Timeline [created by King Zeal], he is a weak man, as it wasn't expected by Marle. He asks her to find a little girl on the Lost Woods. After that, he asks her to find the “Power Source” on Dinopolis, but she is beaten, and the Reptites rule the word, and Cedric perishes. Then Crono, Glenn, and Magus fix the Timeline, by preventing the Atash Kedah. Then, when Marle comes to 1 AD again, she meets “the right Cedric”. He will invite Marle to the Battlefield to see the fight between Guardia and Porre, but she acidentally do a great change on the history, and needs to defeat Anateus by her own.

On the player's second visit to 1 AD, he invites Marle to a meeting with Cambyses, planning to kill him. If the player chooses “Keep the timeline safe”, Marle will receive a Camiline, an armor for her. If the player chooses to “Save Cambyses”, the party won't be able to go back to 1005 AD.


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