All characters , except Crono , fainted at End of Time.

nding 3 - Reunion is the third ending and the only to feature a Crono talk.

How to get.Edit

Defeat Lavos after Crono's death.


Finding Crono

Marle searching Crono.

All characters (except Crono) appears fainted at End of Time and all return to your times, except Marle and Lucca, Gaspar talks :
  • "Everyone... Has gone?"

And Marle appears alone at Moon Parade and finds all partners (again, except Crono) next to Lucca's Telepod, and Gaspar appears and gives the Time Egg (Chrono Trigger/Item), Marle gets balloons and the Egg. At the credits, she appears next to a tree and finds Crono.

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