Chrono Trigger Ending/Ending 2 - Beyond Time

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Beyond Time

Soldier awakening Crono.

Ending 2 - Beyond Time is the first good ending of Chrono Trigger (SNES)

How to getEdit

Defeat Lavos after re-acquiring Crono using Chrono Trigger (Item)


Beyond Time is the only ending to have a varation in your method.

  1. Use Winged Epoch to reach Lavos
  2. Use different method with the Winged Epoch
  3. Don't Save the Chancellor from Yakra XIII
  4. Save Lara in 990 A.D
  5. Kill Magus in North Cape



Crono and Marle flying in ballons.

A Soldier wakes up Crono and all members go to the Moon Parade. Frog, Magus, Ayla, and Robo go to your times. Marle buys ballons and starts to fly, Crono tries to save her but when he grabs her, he flies away as well.

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