Chrono Crisis
Chrono Crisis logo
Developer(s) Crisis Team
Designer(s) Chains of Fate
Platform(s) Windows
Release date None (became Theoria)
Genre(s) Role-playing game
Mode(s) Single-player
Media Download

Chrono Crisis is a fan-made game that was in development until it was converted to an original project, Theoria.

"Chrono Crisis is our answer to what may or may not have happened after Chrono Cross. Using various sources across the net, we are trying to keep the story as close to canon as possible, while still allowing ourselves to create and expand upon the Chrono universe. This is meant to be a final chapter - a culmination of the events portrayed in the games that we love. We're not claiming to be "the" sequel to Chrono Cross, but we fondly like to think that we may at least be able to provide some tentative answers to the larger questions in the series. This is a game purely for fans, by fans, and we will do our best to uphold the amazing story of the series."
— Chains of Fate, [1]

Plot Edit

Synopsis Edit

"It's 15 minutes to midnight...
The world dies at the hands of a cosmic demon. An accident brings hope to the dead world in the form of three travelers. Together with their companions, they master time and overthrow the demon, bringing life to the future.
It's 10 minutes to midnight...
The world's fate divides in two. A boy learns that his own fate is entwined with the world's. He is pulled to the old world by the wishes of a girl lost to time, and soon learns that the cosmic demon, though defeated, continues to rage. Together with his companions, he masters the worlds and destroys the demon, saving the girl and bringing unity to the present.
It's 5 minutes to midnight...
The world has fallen into despair. Safe and sound in his bed, a boy dreams. But his dreams are becoming darkened by a growing shadow, a voice that beckons to him from a place he can't remember. Night after night he awakens, wondering why he is tormented with such visions. Little does he know that it will be up to him to seek justice for the past.
It's 1 minute to midnight...
These are the ripples of fate in motion. Let them take us to a world of serenity.''"
— Chains of Fate, [2]

Characters Edit

Main article: List of Chrono Crisis characters

Development team Edit

The final development team of the game consisted of:

  • Chains of Fate - Project Leader, Developer, Scenario Writer
  • Dai Akako - Co Artist
  • Dodgingtires - Character Artist
  • Lightning Strike - Web Artist

Other members who had participated in the development of Crisis but left before the project's demise included:

  • Lena Andreia - Old Artist and Spriter/Scenario Writer
  • RoeTaKa - Musician
  • Tokyoromi - Musician (Hired days before the project's conversion)
  • Ghost - Menu Programmer, Database Designer
  • Xenith - Weapon, Armor, Accessories Artist
  • Validus - Co Artist / Tile Artist
  • D Quinn - Webmaster
  • Chumbucket - Battle Sprite Animator
  • Final Light Ceres - Former Character Artist
  • Raiju - Former Menu Systems Programmer
  • Dko - Battle System Programmer
  • Dice - Character Artist

Video Demo Edit

Video:Chrono Crisis Demo

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