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Celia Guardia
Celia Guardia
Designer(s) Chains of Fate, Lena Andreia
Occupation Princess
Age 19
Origin Guardia Castle (Kingdom Year 1999)
Element Sky (Wind; Green)
Weapon Fans

Celia Guardia was a playable character in Chrono Crisis.

Description Edit

"The beautiful gem of Guardia Castle, and destined to someday be its queen, she is grace incarnate - beautiful, with a face like carved porcelain. But that beautiful face hides a will like iron, and a spirit as fierce as the howling winds.
Celia is wild, to put it short. Since she was a child she's done just about everything she can to push the limits - from base jumping off of the castle bridge to stealing the royal limo (on three occasions). She has dated just about every servant boy in the castle, and regularly left for Truce for a little fun. In other words, she's her mother's worse nightmare.
Celia is a very spoiled girl who doesn't think about the consequences of her actions. She rarely thinks of others and is highly outspoken. She also is very aware of her beauty and status, and has an ego the size of a small planet. She enjoys being photographed, and tries at every opportunity to get caught by the paparazzi.
Celia doesn't have much physical strength, but she's very quick and can attack her opponent several times. She seems to have a natural affiliation with magic and healing abilities, as often seen in the Guardian royal family."

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