Bushbasher Element
Luccia uses Bushbasher on Hydra.
Type Magic
Color Green
Allocation Level 3±5
Target One Enemy
User Any
Description Encases enemy in a cage of thorny brambles. Inflicts Poison.

Bushbasher is a 3rd-level Green Element in Chrono Cross. When cast, several thick roots burst through the ground and stab a single target for a moderate portion of damage. Bushbasher can be acquired in Hydra Marshes (Home World) by fighting the Beeba that guards the treasure chest. Once finished, open the chest to obtain Bushbasher.


"Bushes" are forms of leafy green shrubbery. "Bash" is a synonym for a physical blow. Together, they imply that this element is a Green element that causes physical harm through the power of shrubbery.

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