Bronze Helmet
Bronze Helmet
Japanese Name ブロンズメット
SNES/PSX Name BronzeHelm
Description A cast bronze helm
Defense 8
Sell 100G
Vendor Locations 200G

Bronze Helmet or Bronze Helm is the second available helmet in Chrono Trigger. It is the starting equipment for Frog with a defense of 8. This helmet is equippable to all of the characters. You are able to buy this (initially) in Leene Square as well as other shops for 200G.

  • Obtain by:
  1. Millennial Fair - 200g.
  2. Porre Market, 1000 A.D. - 200g.
  3. Truce Market, 600 A.D. - 200g.
  4. Truce Market, 1000 A.D. - 200g.