Blue Gemstone
Blue Gemstone
SNES/PSX Name Blue Rock
Equipment Type Accessory
Description A brilliant blue gemstone.
Effect Enables OmegaFlare Triple Tech
Treasure Chests Giant's Claw

Blue Gemstone (also known as Blue Rock in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. It can be equipped by Lucca, Robo or Magus. When equipped and with all three in the party, they can perform the Triple Tech, Omega Flare.

  • Found at: Giant's Claw at 600AD.
  • To obtain it: Find Toma's skeleton and open the mouth. After you fall down head to the bottom of the room and flip the switch. Go down the ladder to pick up the Blue Rock.

Name OriginEdit

This gemstone is blue, likely resembling sapphire or aquamarine.

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