Blackbird - Flying
The Blackbird
Time Period 12000 BC
Bosses Fought King Dalton

The Blackbird is a location in the Antiquity era of Chrono Trigger.

It was a massive, flying fortress designed by Belthasar and commanded by Dalton. Before the Kingdom was destroyed, the Blackbird's mooring place can be visited. However, the airship cannot be boarded.

When the Kingdom of Zeal was destroyed by Lavos, Dalton commandeers it and tries to use the Blackbird to re-establish the rule of the Enlightened Ones over the Earthbound Ones, with himself as the new king. Shortly after waking up, the heroes are captured and taken to the airship, with their weapons, items, and money stolen. The group (with the exception of Crono) escape from the prison to find that Dalton added wings to the Epoch. They reclaim their belongings by climbing through the ventilation system. They then return to the time machine and battle Dalton. After regaining control of it, they accidentally destroy the airship with lasers.


Tips for Beating the BlackbirdEdit

  • It is recomended to have Ayla in the team before heading to the Village Commons, as Ayla's Fist weapon can't be taken. This makes Ayla the only character who can fight before obtaining any equipment.

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