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Black Omen
BlackOmen Antiquity
The Black Omen
Time Period Antiquity
Middle Ages
Bosses Fought Lavos
Queen Zeal
Mammon Machine
Mega Mutant

The Black Omen (黒の夢 Kuro no Yume?, lit. "Black Dream") was once the Ocean Palace that was destroyed by Lavos. In the alternate time-line (post Crono interference), it was transformed into a flying temple infused with the near-infinite power of Lavos by using the Mammon Machine. The Omen serves as the final dungeon in the game — though entering it is actually optional, as the player can choose to fight Lavos without entering the Black Omen — where the party has to go through and defeat the wicked Queen Zeal and face Lavos in all its forms.


With the immortality bestowed upon her Majesty by the Mammon Machine and its connection to the Gates, Queen Zeal is prepared to wait out the millennia until Lavos awakens and rains its havoc upon the world. Until the party enters this vast dungeon and defeats Queen Zeal, it will appear at all points in time (save for the Prehistory). People will actually not pay it any mind, since it has been floating in the sky for thousands of years, except for an Imp worshipping it in Medina's park.

The player may escape through the Time Gate inside Lavos after Lavos' shell is confronted from the Black Omen. This will cause Gaspar to change his most intriguing line in the SNES version (which comes after his mentions of the game's side-quests).

"One of you is close to someone who needs help... find this!"
— Gaspar before the defeat of Zeal.

However, this line can be attributed to a rushed translation; it does not exist in the Japanese version. The more accurate DS version's scripting replaces this line with:

"Speak to your companions. Some among you may well know the figures behind the events which I have seen. Borrow the might of all these lives throughout the ages. Let their strength become your own! For only then can you hope to defeat the enemy you face."
— Gaspar before the defeat of Zeal.

The Black Omen can only be reached by the flight-enabled Epoch. After it rises from the ocean, it can be entered in 12000 B.C., 600 A.D., or 1000 A.D.. Should the party try to enter it in 2300 A.D., they will find the doors locked shut and Zeal mocking the party, however it is still possible to get inside by using a walk through wall Action Replay cheat on the DS version.

"Know this! The Mighty Lavos reigns here! Relax poor creatures... The Mighty Lavos has already consumed this world's life energy!"
— Zeal mocks the party visiting the Black Omen in 2300 A.D.

The Black Omen can be fought a total of four times (5 if you use a walk through wall Action Replay code in the 2300 future): during Antiquity, Middle Ages, Present and by using the bucket or the Epoch to travel to the day when Lavos destroyed the 'Future' - 1999 A.D. As mentioned, it cannot be fought in 2300 A.D (besides a walk through wall cheat)., as the entrance will be closed. Also, it did not exist in 65,000,000 B.C., since it appeared later, in 12000 BC. Note that if the player wants to beat it four times, they must do it backwards through time (i.e.: 2300, Present, then Middle Ages, then Antiquity). Destroying it at an earlier time will erase the existence of the Omen from any future time periods.


  • It may be possible that the Blackbird was another piece used to create the Black Omen.
  • The Undersea Palace rises to the top of the clouds but the Kingdom falls into the sea.
  • There is a "reverse" time discontinuity at the entrance of the Black Omen. If the player takes out the Laser Guards at any time period, except on 12000 B.C., the enemies will not appear if the player travels back in time and visits the Black Omen again. A clear example would be fighting the Laser Guards in 2300 A.D. and visiting the Black Omen again on 1000 A.D.