BlackHole Element
Peppor casts BlackHole on Solt, who demonstrates trapping the element.
Type Magic
Color Black
Allocation Level 6±2
Target All Opponents
User Innate Black only
Trappable Yes
Description Sucks everything in the area into a super-vacuum.

BlackHole is a 6th-level Black Element in Chrono Cross. Before fighting the Fire Dragon on Mount Pyre, the Shaker Brothers demonstrate how to Trap Elements. The Element cast by Peppor in the demonstration is BlackHole, which they planned to use on Serge and exploit his White Innate quality. However, again, their plot is foiled by their own stupidity, causing Peppor to attack Solt out of anger. If a BlackHole is used on someone with white innate, it will kill instantly.

Name OriginEdit

Black holes are cosmic phenomena with extreme gravitational pulls, the likes of which, no physical matter can resist. It is believed that all objects are pulled toward Black Holes, which disassembles the matter and arranges it into a particle-by-particle chain and swallows it into its center. The fate of the matter beyond this point is the subject of much speculation.

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