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Career Chef
Age Indeterminate
Gender Male
Origin Guldove
World Home World
Another World
Height Stout
Weight Heavy
Build Heavy
Laterality N/A
Weapon N/A
Innate Element N/A

Belcha is a character in Chrono Cross. Brother to Orcha, he leaves Guldove in his company to start a new life on the El Nido mainland. Arriving in Arni, he opens a restaurant, where he becomes famous for soup made from Heckran Bone. He employs a young Poet, who despises the job and her boss. In Another World, he abandons the mundane life of entrepreneurship and seeks a more thrilling life as an adventurer. His wife opens a cafe in the building where his Home World restaurant stands.

When Orcha joins the party after torturing Riddel and feeling guilty, he learns his seventh level tech DinnerGuest by vising his brother in his restaurant in Arni (Home World).

Name OriginEdit

Belcha's name is likely a portmanteau between "belch" and "cha". Belching occurs after eating, and Belcha is a chef. "Cha" is a speech mannerism common among Guldove citizens.

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