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Karsh axialaxe
Karsh uses AxialAxe
Type Physical
Color Green
Allocation Level 5±5
Target Single Opponent
User Karsh
Description Send aura into axe and throw it in a circle.

AxialAxe is a Green tech used in Chrono Cross. After acquiring 19 boss stars, Karsh perfects his skill with an axe to deliver a devastating physical blow.


Swinging his Axe over his head, a ball of green light appears on its blade. Building up maximum momentum, he swings the axe toward the target and a chartreuse disc rips off the blade and slices through it. The disc appears to be a miniature version of the discs created when AeroSaucer is cast.

Name OriginEdit

AxialAxe appears to be a portmanteau of "axial" and "axe". "Axial" means to extend in a direction essentially perpendicular to the plane of a cyclic structure, as evidenced in the animation of the tech with the green disc. "Axe", in the name, refers to Karsh's weapon of choice and a key participator in the move.

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