Acac.Breath Tech
A Dragoon uses Acac.Breath on Serge.
Type Magic
Color Red
Target Single Opponent
User Dragoon

Acac.Breath is a Red Enemy Tech used by Dragoons in Chrono Cross. Battled in Fort Dragonia, should Serge fail to acquire 15 boss stars prior, Dragoon ride dragon-like mounts which cast this Tech on a single target during battle. It inflicts the Status Effect, Burn.


Lancing toward the target, the Dragoon's mount opens its mouth wide and exhales a fiery beam.

Name OriginEdit

Acac.Breath seems to be a condensed version of Acacia Dragoon, mixed with the breath of a dragon. Similar to the dragons of lore, these dragon-mounts exhales fire to cause damage to foes.

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